The holidays are here!  Snowflakes, scarves, jackets!!  Christmas cheer?

I probably sound crazy – but with good reason!  As sweltering and muggy as it’s been the summer in NYC, we got a chance to preview the Holiday 2010 Collection from The Limited this past Wednesday.  Nothing like looking at fuzzy wool sweaters to get me going on a toasty July night.

There were mannequins, as well as live models, showcasing all of the looks and different outfits.  While the models stood and posed politely whenever anyone took a photo, the rest of us were over by the Dylan’s Cand Bar stand noshing on sour patch kids, gummie worms, Twizzlers, and chocolate!  And/or flirting with the super hot bartenders (with very little success).


Most of the styles presented are very wearable with just the right amount of fashion and detailing, perfect for the consumer looking for something easy to throw on and automatically look lively.  Along with the winter staples of coats, sweaters, and trenches, there were some novelty wool shorts, which presumably you would throw leggings or tights under.  I spoke to one gentleman who recently came back from Japan saying that the wool shorts with parge rolled cuffs were all the rage overseas, so I guess it’s about time the crossed the pond.



They had a great representation of dresses and outfits for holiday parties, which is obviously an important time for us ladies to get glammed up.  I particularly loved this little black number:


The dress itself is pretty simple, which I guess is why I like it and if that makes me boring, then fine.  It reminds me of this BCBG dress that I was obsessed with (in their signature cotton/spandex that is easy to care for), so this would be the next best thing.  Not much detailing, other than the shoulder flower, but slap on some sparklies in the form of rings, bracelets, and blinging hair clips, and you’re good to go.  I love the A-line shape of the dress, which I think would be flattering for most women, but the asymmetry gives it the edge for those willing to bare some sexy shoulder skin. 

Some other holiday looks of the same family:


I normally don’t do sweaters, not because I don’t like them but because I have abnormally high body temperature and always sweat profusely – but I do love this bunchy sweater, belted for a slimmer fit with the furry-hood vest (I have a similar one from Uniqlo that I got in 2006, but still cute!).


This unfortunate sweater/scarf/dog outfit is probably not the way to go:


Check out the gallery below for more of the Holiday 2010 Collection from The Limited!