Last night I was invited over to Cellar Bar in the Bryant Park Hotel to check out some beautifying products for a “Mid-Summer Makeover” event.  My normal summer routine consists of sitting and panting in front of my rumbling A/C unit, so I decided to check out this mini-showcase to see if there was anything I could do about my appearance.

The main purpose of the evening was to showcase a few companies and products, so people milled about with their drinks in between their chats with the sales folk.  Rumor has it was that there was going to be mojitos, but unfortunately by the time I arrived, they had run out of mint.  Booo. Fortunately, they had an abundant supply of GIVEN Liqueur.  Kind of a silly name for an otherwise pretty good alcohol.  Apparently it’s tequila pre-mixed with lime juice and sugar, almost like a ready-made margarita.  You could drink it straight up if need be, but over ice or with a little splash of soda/juice is all you need.

[Speaking of awesome pre-mixed liqueurs – what is the deal with Southern Comfort Lemonade, and why have I not heard about this sooner?!  It’s delicious!!  They are not paying me for this plug, but HEY, execs at Soco: a nice surprise would be to find a bottle or two at my door… WINK]

So since I was too lazy it was too dark to take photos, I’m just gonna put some photos I “stole” off the internet to talk about what went down at the showcase.

1.) True Pilates had a station demonstrating some of their Pilates techniques, and even had a special Pilates exercise chair that people were utilizing.  Real live demo, while trying not to knock people out!  Pilates is not so much my thing, but apparently this is the place to go to, as they have been around for 30+ years with the philosophies of dear ol’ Joseph Pilates himself.  They have two studios in Midtown, both on 57th street, one on the east and the other on the west side (ohh, so ying and yang and balanced), with classes and/or individual sessions with seasoned instructors, so check it out sometime.

2.) I was afraid that they were going to start burning people if they carelessly wandered by the Salon Rock station.  Stylists were giving guests a quick fixing with curling irons and giving helpful tips on how to manage hair.  From the looks of it, they specialize in the punk-rock, slightly funky, too-cool-for-school stylings for people that want a little bit of edge.  I was all excited that I found a $25 off coupon for first time customers on their site, but alas, it’s expired.  But maybe if you call and tell them you saw the expired ad and beg that you really need to look super cool, they’ll feel bad for you and give you the discount anyway.  (Let us know if it works.)

3.) Eco-friendly beauty products are all the rage now, and LAMIK Beauty is ready to make their mark.  The entire line uses all-natural ingredients packaged in recyclable containers that features a make-up line, facial care, eyelash enhancement with a line of custom lashes, and eyebrow sculpting bar.  LAMIK is rumored to be used by Diddy, Chrisette Michele, American Idol’s Lakisha Jones, and Yolanda Adams.

To quote Beauty Girl Mag (where the LAMIK images are from, which are actually from Spindle Photography):

LAMIK offers an entire line of makeup from bright eyeshadows to light-weight foundation and colorful lip gloss. The lip gloss glides on smooth leaving your lips without the sticky feeling.  Not only does LAMIK offer an all natural approach to makeup but also skin care products, such as cleansers, toners, and moisturizers.  LAMIK does not carry harmful ingredients, such as poly(iso)butene, talc, lead, or paraben, but rather contains healthy ingredients like green tea, vitamin C and E, avocado oil, aloe vera, and many more.”

They have their sights set on an NYC store soon, but for now you’ll have to order their products online. Fortunately for you, since you read down this entire article, we have a discount code for 20% off your online purchases!  See, I try not to disappoint.  Enter in the discount code “health” at checkout to get this deal at LAMIK Beauty.

So there you have it!  Something to get you in shape, something to fix your messy, disheveled hair, and something to cover up your face.  Mini-makeover session complete.