Vision Vodka is, according to creator David Moritz, “created to be “the smoothest vodka on the market.”  I must say it is pretty smooth, almost as smooth as Moritz himself, who was celebrating his birthday.

The invitation-only celebration was held at Hudson Terrace, which is apparently the “It” place to have an event these days. I’ve literally had 5 invites there in the last 10 days.  Overkill, much?  Though that’s nothing against Vision Vodka or Moritz, they are nurturing relationships.  But I digress.



Vision Vodka has been on the market for about 2 months and has been met with rave reviews, and this reviewer thinks it’s pretty awesome.

Next time you’re out, Moritz says, “ask for it by name, we are in most of the places you go out, 1OAK for example,” and of course, Hudson Terrace.

Attendees were having a great time sipping on Vision Vodka cocktails at the inside and outside bars. Red Bull stations placed around gave you the opportunity to mix your own.

Only thing I missed was the birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, David, and congratulations on your Vision!

– Melissa Davis