Last week, we joined Tasting Table as they hosted a “Born to Rum” event at Cienfuegos in the East Village.

As reported by Urban Daddy, Cienfuegos is a rum social club from the brains behind Death & Co and Mayahuel.  The evening was sponsored by Zacapa Rum, mixed in delicious daiquiries, served in a large punch bowl, or the 23-year aged variety was served straight up.

To curb our alcoholism, we tried some of Cienfuegos’ appetizers, including fish cake balls, spicy plantain chips and guacamole, empanadas of the beef and veggie variety, and my fav – pulled pork on brioche buns!  For dessert, a huge colorful tray of assorted fruits came out alongside a plateful of churros and caramel sauce.


The downstairs of  Cienfuegos only allowed room for a bar that was made to feel like you’re chatting with a bartender in Havana.  The upstairs was much more spacious, with lounge-esque type seating that would be great for late-night events.  Walk to the left and there is one room perfect for hosting an intimate event for ~50 people.  Walk to the right past the bar, and there is a Pepto-Bismol- colored room for having a quieter chat with a small group. 

There were some great floral decorations, like the metallic floral chandelier arrangement hanging from above – and there were some creepy floral decorations, such as this head centerpiece:


The rest of the event was fantastic and filling, but I definitely could’ve done without the extra head. 


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