Levi’s recently launched a new line of jeans for women, declaring that we need to check out our “Curve ID.”  With different sihlouettes designed to fit our womanly curves, Levi’s invited fashionistas, shoppers, and bloggers to their Soho store on Thursday, August 19th, to check it out!

As soon as we entered the store, there were swarms of sals associates armed with measuring tapes sizing us up (lame pun intended!).  They told us our Curve ID among three different types for different body shapes.  Truth be told, I’m still slightly confused on the difference between two of the three types, but I tried on whatever style the pros told me I was, and it worked out great!

So here are some of the preliminary guidelines to go by:


Jeans too tight in the waist?  Try:
Slight Curve
– Defines your waist
– Enhances your curves

The waist fits but doen’t flatter?  Try:
Demi Curve
– Flatters your waist
– Smooths your shape

The waist tends to gap in the back?  Try:
Bold Curve
– Hugs your waist
– No gaping or pulling

Bold Curve is for bootylicious women, a la Beyonce and J Lo, but my confusion lies between the Slight Curve versus the Demi Curve.  Apparently the Demi Curve is more universal, so if you’re average built, or if you have no idea what’s going on, start with that first.  Better yet, just ask a sales associate and avoid the confusion.

They offer different leg fits within each Curve ID, so you have your skinny, straight, skinny boot, and boot cut.  The Demi Curve offers all four leg fits, and the other two offer both skinny, straight, and either boot or skinny boot.  Colorations range from a distressed demin (ugh, those damn holes) in a lighter shade to medium blue to a nice dark wash, along with black and a really lovely faded gray.  So there is certainly a lot of variety!


There was even a demonstration where they had three women model the three different styles and explain the measuring process and how they go about determining your perfect fit.  Clearly I did not pay close enough attention, and all the models were tall, leggy and thin, so it’s still a mystery to me!  Fortunately, I am super happy with my Slight Curve pair, which I got in a dark wash skinny boot cut.  Yay!

Unfortunately, after I had gotten home from eating all the cupcakes and Pinkberry frozen yogurt, I couldn’t fit into them anymore… I’ll just have to try again tomorrow. 

Head to their Soho store to pick up one for yourself!


Levi’s Store
536 Broadway
between Prince and Spring