I got an email in my inbox and started to read the subject: “Andy Samberg in V Magazine…”

Shrieking, I frantically clicked on it to make it open faster.  Andy Samberg is too adorable and hilarious!  I was expecting a 17-page spread on dear Andy, and to my slight dismay there was only one picture of him attached to the email. 

Ok, I guess technically two, since the picture is of him reading an article on himself (hah! oh, the irony), but really the whole magazine should just be all about him and I think everyone would be okay with that.

Anyway, V Magazine sent us advanced photos from The New York Issue that’s scheduled to hit the stands on September 2nd, featuring Andy Samberg, singer Maluca, and interior decorator Ryan Korban.  Check them out here!



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Andy Samberg: “Funny Face”
Andy Samberg Hasn’t Saved Comedy As Much As He’s Given It Room To Grow In All of Its Wild And Weird Permutations.

Photographer: Kenneth Cappello
Styling:  Kris Zero




Maluca: “A New York Thing”
Singer Maluca’s Genre-Bending Sound Defies Categorization. Her Music Is A Melting Pot, Just Like Her Hometown.

Photographer: Terry Richardson
Stylist: Raul Lopez




Ryan Korban: “Room Service”
Interior Decorator Ryan Korban Is Bringing Sex Appeal And a Certain Youthfulness To An Industry Very Much In Need of a Makeover.

Korban is known for his impressive celebrity clientele such as James Franco, Jessica Stam, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Traina and more.
Photographer: Patrick Cline