Last Thursday, I headed to CV lounge for Statue Garden, an evening presented as an art project, a nude art series to enable attendees to become more comfortable towards full nudity.

I absolutely embraced the idea of nude art but originally thought the idea of having this taking place in a bar – and to charge a cover – completely lowered the credibility of the project. The $15 cover simply provides you a drink ticket with your entrance to a venue where attendees first seem to interact normally and not be paying attention to the couple of naked person standing there. Take a second look and you will soon notice several men who had obviously decided to come more for the “naked” aspect of the evening than for the “art” especially when these pretty ladies framed their private parts.

Sadly, that evening consisted only of two naked models who both happened to be women – according to the organizers they don’t know until the last minute who will be “performing,” as they receive the models’ availability at the last minute. It would have been interesting to see the difference between men and women behavior towards nakedness. Maybe I will get to observe that once the organizers reach their goal of having these events in more artsy venues such as warehouses and galleries.

Buy your ticket for tonight – or for September 2nd on the Statue Garden site.

– Sabrina Bailly