Last night, PAPER Magazine and Ray-Ban successfully hosted a violence-free Hanson concert.  You may recall that their first attempt back in June was a disaster to say the least.  After a couple of rowdy Drake/Hanson fans decided to drunkenly throw chairs from a balcony at Southstreet Seaport onto the crowds standing below, the concert was obviously cancelled.  I peaced out way before the debacle escaladed.  I like Hanson but I don’t like them THAT much.

Despite a slight fear of history repeating itself, I eagerly headed to the beautiful Roseland Ballroom, where the concert was held.  British sensation Dan Black started off the night a bit shaky.  Struggling with the sound system, or should I say lack-there-of, he eventually gave up and put on the best set he could.  I quite enjoyed his beats and his witty banter with the audience in between songs.  The Brit can certainly dance, creating moves I didn’t even know existed.


Taking the stage next were DJ Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe.  Moe’s exceptional violin talent paired with DJ Moretti’s dance-heavy Top 40 beats proved a popular combination.  Opening with La Roux and ending with Lady Gaga re-mixes, I wished their set had lasted far longer.

Before I knew it Hanson was already on stage playing songs I hardly recognized.  Taylor was dressed like a preppy sailer, wearing khaki pants, a skin-tight shirt, and… suspenders?  I must have missed the memo.  Isaac looked awkward just as I remembered him being, and Zach was wearing…well…probably the same styled shirt as he did in his MMMBop days. 

I must confess that this blast from the past put me in an elated mood.  Hearing my favorite Hanson song “If Only” made me giggle like the carefree ten year old girl I used to be.  I left with a giddy crush on Taylor.  I guess there is just no getting over him.

– Megan Eileen McDonough


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