Buckler was showing his spring/summer collection for the first time at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 10, 2010. The collection was showed in the smallest of the runway-rooms, The Box. The room was horrible for a runway show but so so for presentations. There was not the usual steps in the box but a standing floor which meant that were you unlucky to stand behind the first already standing line you would miss out on the show. Luckily it was a presentation that allowed me to take an extra look at the outfits designed by Buckler.

A few items were innovative, interesting and could become a trend next summer, such as his droopy shorts. His shorts was a fresh look which will be challenging the new tight fitted jeans for men.

All in all, his collection was not something that had not been seen before. The spring/summer collection is a bit boring besides from his droopy shorts.

More interesting was the one model who had bloodshed eyes and seemed to be in some other world and the models who thought it was more fun to talk amongst each other than actually showing of the clothes for the photographers.

– Line B.

Runway images via Style.com