The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week made its big move to Lincoln Center, and we can’t tell you what an improvement it is!!  Don’t get me wrong, Bryant Park will always have a special place in our hearts – but compared to Lincoln Center, the Bryant Park tents will be remembered as the slightly uglier cousin.  It was not too soon for that upgrade.

Spectators and photographers had plenty of room out on the Lincoln Center plaza to wait for celebrities and socialites, instead of being pushed out into the streets of 6th Avenue.  There was even plenty of room for renegade designers to host their own fashion presentations, without bearing the costs of the runway!  



This particular designer had four models in her creations standing out on the plaza with another friend marching with a sign and hollering into a megaphone.  This clearly caused a crowd to gather around, and even a camera crew rushed over to talk to the rogue designer.

Inside, the sponsor booths were spaciously laid out.  The Tresemme styling lounge featured two levels, the first where a lovely spokeswoman taught you how to control your frizzy hair, and the second level where you could book your complimentary hairstyling appointment for your style of choice between shows.



The Maybelline station also featured beautiful women showcasing their new products.  Cambria Cove set up shop with their signature black and green boxes with their exceptional gift-giving ideas.  There was a super hot DHL sponsor guy who was chatting me up, but he refused to be in my photos.  With his indecipherable foreign accent, he talked about how he gets to travel around the globe to the various Fashion Week cities.  A worldly traveler!  Swoon. 

And of course, we have the Mercedes-Benz sedans dazzling on display.  Ahhh, aspirational brands that we all strive for…



And then you have one of my most favorite sponsor: Starbucks Frappuccino!  These little jars of heaven always makes me oh-so happy.  Even when I was 13, I was already addicted to coffee, and my mom only bought these for me as a treat.  For NYFW, they made up Frappuccino cocktails for everyone to enjoy!


Mom would disapprove even more.

But, the best part about the Frappuccino bar wasn’t even the coffee itself, but rather the Starbucks Silly Bandz!!  Yes, that’s right – they had four awesome shapes of awesomeness, including shoes and a Frappuccino bottle!  How does Starbucks know all the things that I love and put them in Silly Bandz form?!



The barista made fun of me: “I didn’t think that people over the age of 12 wear these, but people are going nuts for these Silly Bandz.”  Whatever, man.  I probably took like 30 of them.  To give to friends, of course…

Other sponsors include: EFFEN Vodka (which I had never heard of until I saw a huge billboard of it in Chicago), American Express,  The New York Times, W Hotels, ideeli, and Kim Crawford Wines.

All in all, the relocation was a great choice in giving guests a ton more space to move around and actually breathe, not to mention being able to walk on flat ground as opposed to the cobble stone around the giant Bryant Park fountain that created such a bottleneck.  Also, with the implementation of the Fashion GPS scan system, people could print out their confirmation get their seating assignments without waiting in line, which made the check-in process a lot easier without so many pushy, angry people.  And this eliminates randos who try to crash shows without an invitation!  Hopefully they will be able to implement this to ALL of their shows – but please not before I become famous and get invitations to all the shows I want. 

There was a great outdoor courtyard for people to relax and soak in some sun before waiting in line.  And oh look, they even had a bloggers’ bullpen in the middle of all the action!  They really do care about us!


The crowd was the usual mix of 43% stylish and chic, 34% normal/boring attire and 22% fun/eccentric – leaving 1% for the crazies.  Like this guy:


Down in front, D-bag.

Just another Fashion Week here in New York City!