Catalin Botezatu was the last to show at the 6pm show Saturday, September 11, 2010, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. With her bird, especially the peacock, inspired dresses, she dazzled the audience.

Her dresses were beautiful, perfect for the curvy feminine body. The peacock prints and the beautiful, colorful beadings made you fell like you were on an African Savanna, where you could see colorful, exotic and rare birds.  The feeling of the surroundings being colorful, exotic and rare gives the dresses the same feel and the exoticness, rareness and colors jump at you and you get instantly inspired.


Catalin Botezatu makes inspiring dresses that are feminine, sexy, delicate, flowy, colorful and creative. Especially her perfectly beaded shoulder straps and the peacock inspired fabrics which was used on several of the dresses, where candy for the creative mind.

It was a show that left you in creative contemplation and wanting more.

– Line B.