Time sure flies when you’re having fun and despite the stone-cold expressions of the models at the Custo Barcelona show this past Sunday, they must have been enjoying themselves because they were flying down the runway.  Although many of my photos ended up a blurry mess, it was hard to look away from this eye-catching collection.

Unlike the average New Yorker, Custo Dalmau is not afraid to use color – and lots of it.  True to his design aesthetic, there was not a solid color in sight.  Each garment was bright, bold, and anything but boring.


Flowing dresses, billowy shorts, feather embellishments, and glamorous heels all graced the runway.  Sunglasses and beach-styled hair completed each look.  Custo’s loose-fitting designs are both comfortable and sexy at the same time.  He allows women to look beautiful without feeling constricted.


Dalmau wanted to create a world where fantasy and reality meet.  Based upon the fact that I let my mind wander away from the crowded tent at Lincoln Center to the bohemian beaches of Barcelona, I’d say he succeeded.

– Megan Eileen McDonough

Images via Elle.com