Edwing D’Angelo was the last to show his couture collection at Couture Fashion Week Sunday, September 12 this year. Though his collection did not remind me of couture, it did remind me of a retro twist on the Jacky Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe style.


The most interesting in his collection was the collection for men. It was a funny twist on the romantic suits with plastic flowers in the models hands and backpack which really brightened up the collection.
Before the show started bags were passed along to the audience who had been invited backstage before the show. This meant that the people who had been backstage just before the show, created a bit disturbance when they came back to their seats to watch the show because they were still on the runway when the first model stepped on to the runway. The disturbance especially spread amongst the photographers who now not only fought each other for the best spots, they were also yelling at the audience to get them off the stage.

For the last show for the Couture Fashion Week the shows ended as they started, disorganized and with a so-so show.

– Line B.