OLA, who showed her collection at Nolcha’s show during New York Fashion Week, showed next years spring/summer dresses. The dresses, I am sure, will be worn by many in New York. They are great for both day and evening. OLA‘s ready-to-wear collection was colorful and the coherency in the collection was the to-the-floor length dresses. The dresses were elegant, feminine and beautifully executed.


Unfortunately, the collection just showed 11 dresses which were magnificent and left you hoping to see more.

The Monday September 13, 2010, show was a great beginning for the Nolcha Fashion Week. It was a small crowd but everyone, from guests to employees to photographers enjoyed themselves and after the show ended great applause and screams of joy was to be heard back stage. The joy was well deserved for both designers and models who performed their best even the unknown designer who showed between NKWON and OLA.

– Line B.