Nuela is the newest Latin American restaurant on the scene and it is taking Flatiron by storm, one zesty flavor after another.  This restaurant is new in every sense of the word – new to New York with new ways of presenting food in a unique looking space. 

Once seated in this hip yet not pretentious restaurant, the server provides each diner with three menus to pour over.  One menu is the dinner menu, with the usual choice of appetizers, entrees, and side dishes.  Alongside the dinner menu is a separate ceviche menu, which deserves special attention as the restaurant boasts its own ceviche bar.  And last, but certainly not least, is a menu of specialty cocktails that are strong in alcohol content and in taste.

These various menus are not menus to choose between.  These menus are harmonious and provide a complete dining experience.  Each diner should choose something from each menu, if not several things from each menu, to fully enjoy the Latin-American cuisine.

The best place to start is with the cocktail menu.  The cocktails are divided into three categories: Sake, Originals, and Classics.  If you like Sake, having five choices, both by the glass and by the bottle, will soothe your Sake desires and start your dinner off with a bang.  The Classics bring everything you expect and desire at a Latin-American restaurant, like a Mojito or a Caipirinha.  And as for Originals, the Devil’s Sweat and the Night Flower should pique your curiosity enough to make a reservation at this restaurant to see for yourself what these drinks pack.


Next, peruse the ceviche options before you get swept away by the dinner menu.  The ceviche’s include every delightful fish in the sea, with some ceviche’s combining those fishes for an explosion of seafood flavor, like the Shrimp/Crab/Octopus ceviche.  Any diner could easily find themselves spending a night at Nuela just trying the several ceviches and cocktails that the restaurant offers.

Even though the ceviches and cocktails will keep you happy, the dinner menu itself is a wonder on its own that it should not be ignored.  Between Picos, Anticuchos, Empanadas, Bocadillos, Platos, and more, the pounds of flavor flow off the menu as your mouth waters and scrambles to decide what to order.  The Oxtail Empanada is a must-have because it is unlike anything you have ever eaten.  The Churraso, a hanger steak with yucca hash browns, combines a beautiful piece of meat with a side dish that reminds you of breakfast in the best way.  Steak and hash browns are comforting to the soul and filling for the belly.  And these are just a few examples of some of the unique treats Nuela has to offer!


Next time you need to spice up your life, go to Nuela.  Everything is so new that you will be pulled out of any rut you are in and into a fantasy world of food.  Let the excitement get the best of you and get swept up in all things new.

– Kerry Anne Hoffman

43 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10010