Someone at Southern Comfort loves me and knows that my birthday is coming up!!

Ok, not really, because my birthday isn’t that spectacular of an ordeal.  A few weeks ago I randomly mentioned in a post how freakin’ awesome Southern Comfort Lemonade is, and they somehow heard my calling and graciously sent me a gift!

Check out the assortment: a bottle of Southern Comfort Lemonade, Southern Comfort Lime, a branded shaker and tumbler, plastic shot glass set and Mardi Gras beads, all in a fun tin bucket!  Oh and there’s a printed scarf thing that’s probably just for decoration, but the fabric is pretty hefty so I think I can turn it into an accessory of some sort.  (Fashion Week is inspiring me to be creative!)


Look at the goodies!


Southern Comfort Lemonade is awesome because it’s already pre-mixed for lazy people like me.  Well, I actually love playing bartender, but the pros at Soco created a good balance of tanginess with the sugary, so it’s ready to enjoy on the rocks, and you won’t end up on the floor since it’s only 30 proof. 
I’m sure you could incorporate this into a cocktail somehow as a sweetener (vodka as the main spirit, and something else tart like grapefruit to go with?)  Errr, I’ve been out of bartending practice, guys – help me out.


Here’s the Southern Comfort Lime, which looks more like the normal color of regular Soco.  But with the included infusion of lime already mixed in, it takes the edge off.  I’m sure this would also be fine on the rocks, but probably with a slight kick from the 55 proof.  This recipe suggest mixing it with ginger beer on the rocks, which sounds like a fab cocktail to start off the night!  Maybe add a maraschino cherry or three?

They also have a slew of other fun Soco concoctions:  Southern Comfort Sweet Tea, Southern Comfort & Cola, and  Southern Comfort Hurricane, a New Orleans classic.

Before I head out for my birthday celebrations I’ll be doing a Soco sampling, so I apologize in advance if I’m in rare form.