Tuesdays I usually try not to attend any event in order to make it to my bellydance class but because Temperley London was presenting their collection at Milk Studios, I chose to make yet another exception yesterday.

Upon entering I felt right away as if I were at one of these beautiful fashion exhibits at museum and first assumed it was because of the mannequins display but a closer look at the clothes confirmed my original reaction reaction. Two lines were shown, the renown Temperley London which was inspired and entitled queen GUINEVRE while the diffusion line, Alice By Temperley, was inspired by Marie Antoinette, the French legendary queen.


Historic elements were infused in both collections and almost each style gave me a sentiment of déjà-vu as looks I would have seen and coveted as a European kid in my grandma’s closet. Temperley London showed a bit more detailing and depicted a tougher medieval military look with elements such as harnesses, chains and a metallic tunic while Alice offered softer and more romantic looks but both succeeded in giving a lovely modern twist to classic-inspired styles creating two distinct collections that were eminently wearable.

Each attendee received a gift bag filled with a couple travel size tubes of exotic frangipani monoi bath and Shower cream by Elemis, this Alice By Temperley Aztec print scarf and a gift card of $150 on a minimum of $1000 purchase.

– Sabrina Bailly