So my day as a socialite continued Wednesday morning as I entered The Stage at Lincoln Center for the Spring 2011 Collection Runway Show of designer Nanette Lepore at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  There was definitely something in the air for this show and it turned out to be the delightful aroma of front row celebrities.  Add to that the LIVE sounds of John Forte and his crew ON the runway and this “simple” fashion show was supremely multi-faceted.

Being in the third row at MBFW one is usually gonna see a big name near you but tell me what you think of this list of people who were literally directly in front of me from left-to-right: singer Sarah Marince, actresses Tiffany Thornton, Lili Taylor, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Aida Turturro, singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, singer/actress/author Kristin Chenoweth and actor Stanley Tucci.  Just so you don’t think celebs only sit together, across the way was NBC Today co-anchor Natalie Morales sitting front row in a stunning dress.


In the show packet, Nanette Lepore wrote about her mother “forever inspiring” her and the clothing had a clear inspiration to the apron and clothes fitting for a woman in the home.  Though having the feel
of a hard working stay-at-home mom, the clothing showed luxury in the little details Nanette managed to sneak into her designs.  Effortless and beautiful, though her pockets are a bit too bulky even for the apron inspired clothing, her Spring/Summer 2011 collection was every bit as magical to see as the music of John Forte was to hear.


With the music playing in the background, the clothes got an air of romance and domestic bliss which reinforced the feel of the apron-inspired clothing.  Only the swimsuit-like outfits she introduced on the runway were fitted to the model’s bodies as the rest of her many outfits had a more waviness and relaxed style to it which went well with her overall concept.  The colors were bright, inspiring and lifted the spirit of the runway. My personal favorite was Nanette’s plum apron dress as it fit the female body like a glove
while the color brought back the romance into the home. Unfortunately the shell-colored theme of Nanette Lepore’s line, shown at the end of the show, I thought brought down the atmosphere and instead of coming out her shell, in the end, Nanette Lepore finished with what I feel was the dull part of her spring collection.

Backstage, after the show, there was the hustle and bustle of models getting into their civies, celebs saying their “hi’s” and everyone getting interviewed by reporters, bloggers and fans.  Wow – what a spectacle and all this before lunch.  I hope that gives you a general idea of how things went … wait, “General Idea?!?”  that’s where I have to get to like NOW, I’m late.

Thanks, Nanette – gotta run … see you in February.

– Mike J

Photo Credits:  Yannis Vlamos /  ( ), Getty Images  ( via ) and Mike J