Oktoberfest is a festival held in Germany from late September through October and usually consists of sausages, pretzels, beers and dancing.  These activities translate well among New Yorkers, especially outdoors on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the Hudson River

World Yacht is a great dinner and brunch cruise line on Pier 81, at 41st street and the Hudson.  World Yacht, along with co-sponsors such as Pop Chips and Street Sweets, hosted their own version of Oktoberfest on the Pier, full of Oktoberfest originality with New York City charm. 


Upon arrival, for a mere $10 entrance fee, patrons purchased tickets, with each food and drink item being assigned a ticket value once inside.  A quick glance at the food options, each at only 1 ticket per food item, showed that good eats and lots of it were in order.  The choices started simple, with a plain hamburger or hot dog.  The next table offered sodas and waters, great for washing down food.  Next up, to break from the usual, a table was serving Jagermeister shots with shot glass necklaces.  Whether or not Jagermeister shots are customary at German Oktoberfest does not matter because these New Yorkers enjoyed their plain hamburger with a shot of jager!

Beyond jager came what everyone wanted, which was bratwurst of course, and four kinds of it, including chicken and cheese.  For only 1 ticket, these authentic bratwursts were a delectable meat treat on a bun, with relish, mustard, and ketchup for the taking.  And right across from the bratwurst were 2 ticket German beers, perfect to pair with bratwurst!  The beer lines were longed, but they moved quickly as thirsty New Yorkers scooped up their beers to find a place to sit. 


In order to eat, drink, and be merry, the pier had several tables under a tent, with room to view the German dancers and music that contributed to the authenticity of this event.  While some festival-goers enjoyed listening to the music, others enjoyed the free Pop Chips or buying desserts from the Street Sweets truck.  And some people used their tickets for bigger purchases, like the 5 ticket beer stein that allowed festival goers to bring the party home with them. 

This event lasted on the pier from 12-4:30 on Saturday afternoon, but some took the party off land and onto the World Yacht boat for a 1 hour cruise at 2 p.m.  People grabbed their beers and bratwurst and boarded The Princess for Oktoberfest on the water. 

Oktoberfest on the Hudson provided New Yorkers with a pop-up beer garden, with more culture and a literal foot stomping good time than most beer gardens can provide.  And if World Yacht can throw this good of a party on land, than you should certainly check out their parties on the sea!

– Kerry Anne Hoffman