On the eve of the Style Coalition’s Fashion Week Wrap Party, sponsored by Ideeli & Popchips, the city was hit by the worst storm New Yorkers have seen in years!  Were there really tornadoes in three of NYC’s boroughs???  Yes, there was!!! As I looked out my window while the storm was swirling around me and as my mother called me telling me I should stay inside for a while (NJ just got hit badly), I was somewhat freaking out as I witnessed huge bolts of lightning strike the city and its skies, one ever second. It was very frightening! All I could think to myself was, “Oh My Gosh – I hope the roof of my building doesn’t; 1. fly off & 2. get struck by lightning.” I also was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it to the nights festivities. Luckily, the storm subsided and I was able to leave without getting my hair ruined by the nasty weather. I picked up my Friend Erica and we were on our way! For FASHION WEEK MUST GO ON – or come to an end for that matter! :::laughs::: 



As we arrived to the Hudson Hotel, which does not have any indication of a building number or self titled sign, we searched for the hotel that was right in front of us the entire time. We felt so silly! When we arrived at the party it was pretty empty assuming not many people were courageous enough to brave the weather so early on. As the night continued more and more people showed up. This made for a great time! Waitresses were passing around drinks of all kinds (vodka tonic – cranberry – orange, red & white wine, and champagne with strawberries) as bags of every flavor of Popchips were displayed in baskets all over the venue for people to nosh on! During the event fashion industry professionals had the chance to mingle and dance. Photographers snapped pictures of the socializing and camaraderie.


On a ladies room break to rest our feet from the seven inch pumps we were wearing and to powder our noses, my friend and I met the most amazing women who we hope to stay in-touch with!  Gabbing for 45 mins with two lovely strangers in the ladies room about fashion is something that doesn’t happen too often, but when it does it equals a moment I will remember enjoyably!

At the end of the night each guest received an amazing goodie bag filled with Harajuku Parfume, Avon skin care and accessories, Popchips, and an Ideeli gift card! Pretty good swag, huh?


– Dara Senders

[Photos via Guest of a Guest]