Friday “Rockit” nights at Quo are a gay man’s dream – hot boys, cheap cover and dance music so loud, it doesn’t matter what you call that cute guy because he wouldn’t hear you anyway. 

On 28th and 10th avenue, Quo isn’t a bad trek from the gay bars clustered within Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea, and it’s not unusual to first start the night out with a few drinks at Bartini or G Bar, respectively, then stumble into Quo around 12:30.

The line outside moves quickly, but two subsequent lines for coat check and cover are a bit of a hassle.  Split into two rooms, the main dance floor plays sick mixes of Kylie and our Lady Gaga, and is usually packed to the brim, while the smaller room accommodates the house and R&B scene and is, expectedly, less crowded. 

It’s definitely a mix of nationalities, age groups, tax brackets, and shirt wearers, with no predominant representation by any particular gay “scene” (e.g., bears, twinks, farm animals).  And since I typically like to make an entrance by showing up at 1 AM, I’ve never had a chance to take advantage of the open bar offered before 11 – perhaps a recipe for disaster after a long week of toiling for whatever annoying Wall St. conglomerate I’ve been consulting for.

If you’re tired of trashy Splash, where the make-up of patrons is usually 90% tourist, Rockit Fridays at Quo are a great alternative.  Just make sure to get your drink on beforehand as alcohol isn’t cheap, and you’ll want to save those dollar bills for the go-go dancers.

– Ron