A night of terror was what I was looking forward to when I was going to my first ever haunted house and it was no other than the premier New York City haunted house, Blood Manor, in Chelsea at 542 West 27th Street which will haunt guests now until November 6th.

First, I went to the bar Suzie Wong where we were invited for complimentary cocktails for the exclusive press preview.  Down the street from Blood Manor with Blood-tinis and Witches Brew, none of the mixed drinks amazed me but the actors and actresses in costume impressed me. They were so dedicated to their job that even the bar-experience in itself was Halloweenesque.


 One actress especially impressed me, the victim of the Serial Killer, who would crawl on the guests of the bar and make scary voices and faces right up in your face. I could not stop laughing out of fear and the fact that I did not know how to react in a situation like that. It was fun, eyeopening and an experience. After being in the company of the monsters, zombies, Ice-T, and his wife Coco, we were escorted to Blood Manor where the real terror and fun would begin…

Having just been in the company of Horrificus, Voodoo Rob, The Careless Caretaker, Freddy and many more at the bar, the monsters, zombies, vampires, ghosts and werewolves were suddenly not as terrifying but I could actually enjoy it, be scared and have fun. Blood Manor  presented me with nineteen terrifying scenarios such as a serial killer room, Dominatrix vampire lair, Wolves den, the Butchers room and the AMAZING 3D Circus of Horror, created by famous artist Stuart Smith of Stuartizm Designs.

My favorite rooms were the entrance to the various rooms where there was complete darkness and people hidden from you. Other rooms were the Vortex Laser Tunnel and Zombie Land with half-eaten pigs hanging from the sealing and surprises hidden in the room. The fourth favorite room was the room of the Serial Killer. The actor playing the Serial Killer did an amazing job and played his part to the fullest – crazy but smart and luring. The last and most favorite room was the rooms with the 3D effect. Never had I seen anything like it and 3D movies go home.. this was truly FANTASTIK. The 3D rooms would make it worth going for the $30 they charge if you buy the ticket online, it is $35 at the door.


What amazed me the most about Blood Manor was the actors and actresses who while walking amongst us in the bar, on the line and in the manor NEVER stopped playing their part. As one of the people working at the Blood Manor said about employing actors and actresses: “We were looking for energy, enthusiasm and stamina.” All of those things were present and I could see why those qualities would be of most importance for the perfect delivery of a Blood Manor performance. It was truly a night of terror and I am glad I chose Blood Manor to be my first experience into the great phenomenon of haunted houses.
– Line B.

Photos by  Mike J