Look out, gentlemen: the Kardashians have arrived in New York and are taking the Big Apple by storm!

The revelry started last week with Kim’s exclusive 30th birthday fete, and continued last night as she and her raven-haired sisters came together to promote their newest projects at famed nightclub Pacha in Midtown West.

Just one block from my Hell’s Kitchen apartment, it was great to get dressed to the nines and only have to hike a short distance in my 4” platform heels.  Of course, every girl in the house was clad in their best LBD and black boots, including Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.  Arriving promptly on time (how considerate!) and flashing their biggest smiles, the girls made their way down the red carpet and talked about the purpose of the evening’s celebration.

The reality show threesome have partnered with Mobile Resource Card to be the new faces of a prepaid Mastercard aimed at teens.  Ostensibly, the idea is that parents can monitor their child’s transactions and make sure that the money is being used properly (versus cash which leaves no paper trail and can lead to drug or alcohol use).  Many naysayers are calling the card just another lame excuse to promote the Kardashian’s ubiquitous celebrity.  Nonetheless, fellow celebs showed up to help party the night away and soak up the red carpet limelight.

Special guests included designer Richie Rich, a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, NY Housewife Ramona Singer and her husband, and Olympic figure skaters Johnny Weir and Sarah Hughes.  Upon entering the VIP area upstairs, it was a traffic jam every time one of the Kardashian sisters made a move.  Bouncers cleared entire tables of guests just to make way for one of the girls to pass through on the way to powder her nose. 

[Insert derriere joke here].

DJ Ruckus and DJ Toro of 92.3 FM kept the rest of the crowd dancing on the main floor downstairs, and caused an eruption every time they got on the mic to remind partygoers that the girls were filming Episode 1 of their new E! reality show “Kim and Kourtney take New York” throughout the evening.  Guys  were literally swooning and asking for hugs as the sisters paraded through the crowd.  We have a feeling that the boys of NYC will never be the same.  God help us all…..