On November 18th 2010, I went to a presentation of the accessories promoted by Shine Media. The accessories being promoted that day was Lodis, Spring, Sorelli, Miss Gustto, Meray Arnett, Ames & Jess, Martine Wester, Katch, Frolick, and Zia Boutique.

I was invited to the Blue Fin in the W hotel at Times Square for breakfast and to view this Spring 2011 Accessories collections.

I was greeted by two employees of Shine Media and entered the Red Room in the Blue Fin, where the presentation took place. Coming into the Red Room I was meet by a buffet table filled with an amazing breakfast spread and Monserrat Fernandez who would later show me around their collections and give detailed description of the products they present. During my stay at the Blue Fin all of the employees came up to me and introduced themselves and they were all very welcoming. The welcoming atmosphere and the relaxing, mellow and very warm mood of the red room was a great beginning of my day.

For the atmosphere the Red Room was perfect but for the presentation the Red Room was completely wrong. The lighting was awful and unflattering. I had to pick up the pieces and get them to an area with light to be able to see the items properly.

What made up for the bad lighting was the many accessories I was surrounded by in the room. For a girly-girl like me, I was in heaven. My biggest weaknesses are shoes and bags and there were plenty of both. But not only were there shoes and bags but also jewelries and lots of them. The accessories were all a great mix of price, luxury, size and best of all STYLE. What this presentation showed me was the trends for this coming Spring. Again we have the sailor shoes and the big statement jewelry but what is new is the more rustic and 90’s inspired accessories, such as the suede high heel tying shoes and the rustic jewelry.

I was most impressed by the big statement and avant-guard inspired jewelry made by Sorelli, the practicability of Lodis’ bags and the prices for a pair of Spring shoes.

Spring showed a great and divers collection for both the trendy girl and the business women. I was especially fond of the glitter shoe which was one o the many pumps Shine Media and Spring presented.

Lodis was the brand that had the most to present this Thursday morning and Lodis had a collection of great pieces and not so great pieces. My least favorite was the batik looking clutches a look Lodis chose to call Celestrial. Lodis also had a lot of great pieces and my favorite was their handbags such as the yellow Cayman handbag, Perri Tote and a rose colored 50’s inspired bag.

Meray Arnett’s bags which was all made of nylon was not my favorite bags of the day. The bags seemed outdated and juvenile, though I did like the fact that she is working in nylon instead of leather and also has a safari collection where a percentage goes to the welfare of animals.

Miss Gustto also does not work with leather but uses an amazing quality of PVC. Her handbags are divers with a cowboy theme in her bags. My favorites were the Bronx colored cowboy-inspired handbag and the dark blue bag which had an ordinary look to it but the color was just right for this Spring’s up and coming color collection. I did not like her choice of the color white. White bags are hard to accessorise correctly without it looking either as bad taste or as if you were a thirteen year old girl that is going to her communion.

Now to the jewelry. They presented the brands Ames & Jess, Zia Boutique, Frolick, Sorelli, Martine Wester and Katch. Ames & Jess had a exotic and delicate style in their jewelry collection and unlike everyone else of the jewelry designers Ames & Jess did not have big statement jewelry. My favorite was their Banana Leaf necklace.

Zia Boutique has an Indian inspired collection which is refreshing and beautiful. My favorite piece was the big statement beaded necklace.

Frolick had the least cohesive collection amongst the jewelry designers an had a mix of big rustic pieces and more detailed Roman inspired pieces.

Sorelli was on of the more well-known designers Shine Media was presenting. They had some amazing avantguard pieces that I fell in love with especially the orange and red avantguard piece.

Martine Wester has the most exquisite and romantic collection of them all with their many crystals that they use. They call their Spring collection “The Crystal Bar”, Though Love and Key Piece. This coming Spring season is all about big statement jewelry and of course Martine Wester has big statement jewelry to present. My favorite was their necklace with over-sized crystal pieces.

The last Shine Media presented Thursday morning was Katch by Kathy Flesch who also had a rustic and exotic inspiration for her Spring 2011 collection. My favorite piece is her Peacock Cuff.

Thursday morning was every girls dream, so sit and eat breakfast while surrounded by shoes, bags and jewelry.

– Line B.