Escaping the non-stop whirlwind of Manhattan to the laid-back Caribbean paradise, known as St. Maarten — you might be in need of mindlessly “blissing out.”  If you yearn for the cocoon of a total immersion resort atmosphere, try to relinquish your micromanaging and look no further than the Oyster Bay Beach Resort, where your every vacation whim is accounted for.  Boasting its own private peninsula, jutting into the impossibly clear, turquoise waters where the lagoon known as Oyster Pond meets the Caribbean Sea, the resort blends modern, luxurious convenience with secluded island getaway as sweetly as piña with colada.


Visiting in September during “Owner Appreciation Month,” we were treated to a mini-carnival, complete with colorful beads and masks, frenetic costumed drumming, and of course, cup after cup of the island’s ubiquitous rum punch (simply, fruit punch and Caribbean rum, the St. Maarten beverage of choice). Lounging by the infinity pool, which sweeps dramatically into the tropical horizon, framed by spectacular rocks on either side, as the tall, white towers of the resort gleam behind you, it’s easy to leave all cares behind.

Easier still, if you’ve just enjoyed a “total relaxation” massage from Indulgence by the Sea, Oyster Bay Resort’s resident spa, and are anticipating a mouth-watering dinner from the French-influenced restaurant, Infinity (one of two eateries located within the premises).  The restaurant invites you to feast on traditional French delicacies, such as garlicky escargot for an appetizer, or melt-in-your-mouth apple tartin for dessert.  Or instead, perhaps the exceptional and friendly staff will be filling your table with plates inspired by Caribbean flavor, such as freshly caught mahi mahi with curried vegetables, or stuffed local crab.  I found the most delightful and successful dishes to be a fusion of the two cuisines: do I like coconut in my chocolate mousse? Oh my, yes!  Complimenting the fine dining is a short but as thoughtfully sophisticated wine list as any New Yorker would appreciate.

Indulge in every aspect—body, mind, and soul—at Oyster Bay and let your sigh of “ahhh” mingle in the gentle sea breeze as you slip into sleep knowing that you couldn’t dream it any better.

– Ava Fedorov and Jeffery Owens

Photographs by Socially Superlative writers Jeffery Owens and Ava Fedorov.