Shop N Mingle Bloggers Brunch and Tweet Up

This event, sponsored by Society HAE & MetroPCS and held on Fifth Avenue at 126th Street, brought together bloggers who had a chance to meet up and tweet up re creative women’s noncommercial creations. I am happy to tweet in terms of a loud approving squawk. Hurray for women entrepreneurs who use their hands and ingenuity to create alternative fashion and jewelry which
does not parrot bird brain commercial bland repetition.

I was first treated to a great lunch catered by Dining With Grace which specializes in Pan-African fusion catering and cakes. My succulent chicken sandwich (do chickens tweet?) was lightly spiced and really healthy. Caterer Grace Odogbili told me that she is a food consultant who teaches healthy cooking in New York City public schools. With my last bird imagery reference, I seriously want to say that Odogbili’s efforts are really something to crow about because, as we are all aware, childhood obesity is an epidemic. Odogbili is using woman-centered cooking skills to enhance the lives of her community. I washed down the great lunch with delicious tea blended by Tiffany Denise.

I love upcycled and vintage clothing. So I could really appreciate Shanda Oliver’s Eco Soul Vintage Collection, Tanya Henderson’s beautiful colorful scarves, Laquasia Gregg’s gorgeous handmade beads, Karen Brown’s Idyllic4U upcycled creations, and Dawn Thomas’ African inspired themed tee shirts. It was so refreshing to see all the original work these inspiring women created.

In addition to great food and original clothing and jewelry designs, I also experienced great conversation. Kelley Moseley showed me her metallic jewelry and explained to me that metal smithing is a male dominated field. Moseley is the first metal smither that I have ever met! Vickie Fremont is an anthropologist who works with authentic African beads. She said that according to the Tuareg people, nomads who I understood to be analogous to what I called “African gypsies,” each bead tells a story.  What a lovely notion.

Tracy Queen, the creator of the Ka Devereux clothing line, shared her fervent wish with me: since she named her company for the character Diahann Carrol played in “Dynasty: (Dominique Devereux), she would love to have Ms. Carrol serve as her spokesperson. Anything is possible; I wish Ms. Queen luck.

I was lucky to have the privilege of experiencing all of this marvelous female-centered creativity. The talk beads are tweeting—and this assertion, in terms of women’s alternative creative thinking, makes perfect sense!

– Marleen