(Above L to R – Amanda Hearst, Derek “Fabulous” Warburton, Joanna Coles, and Scott Zumwalt)

I was lucky enough to attend this Press Event for Itgetsbetter.org hosted by the Super Talented and (Super Nice) Stylist, Derek Warburton a.k.a Derek Fabulous!

I arrived at the lounge unprepared in the slightest, as I did not know what to expect. My first reaction on greeting Mr. Fabulous was his keen eye on color. He was dressed very sharply and cute! He immediately greeted me with a big smile and introduced me to his handlers, press people, budding bloggers, photographers, make-up artists and more fun people. I felt very at ease and at home watching them work and mingle.

Derek showed me a room where the guest attendees can get their make-up, hair and nails done for free! The lady who did my make-up was very nice and did a wonderful job on my face. I am not a makeup buff or a fan really of anything cosmetics except for lip gloss, but my little make-up makeover made me think otherwise. She gave me a ‘Natural’ look that compliment my outfit. I kindly thanked you, Lysette.

After my mini make-over in the make-up chair, I then proceeded to mingle with the other guest bloggers and learn new things or two about the fashion industry! Derek’s publicist introduced me to Christopher Logan. Who took several ‘portrait’ photos of Me and Derek. (Will post the professional photos of me & more from this event, once they are released)

Afterwards, the bloggers and writers had an option to record a PSA for itgetsbetter.org, a website dedicated to helping the LGBT youth community on finding their voice. It’s an excellent cause to support and find more info about. If you want to be apart of this project, visit itgetsbetter.org to find out ways you can help and submit a video (PSA).

Christine Shepherd