I never say no to a good swag bag so I was excited to go to the PNK Elephant Holiday soiree at RdV.  It was a night of fun, pleasure and beauty. The soiree had several things to offer while drinking the promoted Liqueur TY KU. Luckily I had arrived early so there was no line at the bar, therefore the first thing on my itinerary became to get a drink and then get an overview of where things would enfold during the night.

PNK Elephant was offering free mini manicures from Luxe Tracy Lee, a visual experience of body painting by DEN|ART , mini cupcakes were served by Simply Christine’s thoughout the night, free backrubs by Nigel Hunt from Massages for Health and Fitness and accessories from PNK Elephant was shown on models and on a table later during the evening.

The hosts of the night was French Vogue cover model Andre J, Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick’s fiancé Kijafa Frink, also co-owner of PNK Elephant. Though I did not see much to the hosts of the evening, it did not stop me from having fun and trying out all off the freebies.

After I got my drink, a mix of the TY KU and sprite, I went and got myself a mini-manicure and had a fun chat with my celebrity Nail Stylist TracyLee. TracyLee was fast while she gave a good manicure despite the lack of light in the room. TracyLee has been a Nail Stylist for over 20 years and is freelancing, doing everything from parties, bridal showers and private customers. For the evening, she was introducing the new nail-polish line from Urban Outfitters which comes in a variety of bright colors.

After my manicure I headed straight for the massage, because there was already forming a big line. Even though I was number 14 on Nigel’s, our masseuse of the night, list, I got to the massage-chair fairly quickly and got 5 minutes of heaven. It was a great massages and he seemed to know what he was doing.

What were most fascinating during the evening were the many models the artist from DEN|ART painted. The models seemed to be very comfortable in their own skin and did not mind walking around with only paint on their upper bodies. The art itself was rather disappointing and without much imagination.

I must admit I did not taste the mini cupcakes myself but after asking about the taste, the cupcakes did not get the best review of the night. After viewing the pieces from PNK Elephant I knew my night had started great but became disappointing as the night progressed. The accessories looked cheap and it was not accessories that I would personally wear. Considering the accessories are perceived to be for fierce fashionistas on a budget, the accessories still did not look like high-end.

All in all, the night was great and the event was put together fabulously. I was amazed by the VIP treatment everyone received. I was disappointed about the fact that the hosts of the night were almost invisible throughout the night and I had hoped for a better quality of the accessories, now that the soiree itself was a hit.

– Line B.

Event guest photos via Bisnow.