Sometimes the best kept secrets are right in front of us.  This is especially true for the savvy New Yorker who knows that behind a nondescript door off some less than trafficked intersection could be the opportunity to discover something new, hot and marvelous.  Puerto Rico: a few hours away, no passport required, cheap flights and all too often overlooked. And in the capital city of San Juan, cool is slipping back into Caribbean as easy as an umbrella in your mojito.

Conjure up the vitality, creativity and optimistic excitement that infused Manhattan’s Lower East Side circa 1999 and transport it onto white sand beaches and water so turquoise that it makes you weak in the knees.  Now you’re halfway there.  Lucky for you, the other half can be crossed quickly and painlessly, as you step into JFK in the morning and out onto beach bliss by noon.  This will give you enough time to shed your slogged-down winter self and emerge a beach god by nightfall—ready to take the tropical party by ravishing storm.



At the forefront of this vital, emerging scene, The San Juan Water & Beach Club is a hop, skip and a jump away.  A mere 15 minute taxi from the SJU International airport and you are lounging at its roof top pool overlooking your undiscovered stretch of beautiful sand and palm trees.  The Morgan’s group of Hotels has acquired this boutique hotel and added the sparkle that we come to expect from the brand.  Simple things, like hand picked aged rums expertly mixed with lusciously fresh juices; wide windows overlooking Caribbean blues and pinks; rooftop pools and authentic merengue mixed with Kruder and Dorfmeister.

Located in the heart of the Isla Verde district of San Juan’s endless strip of beaches, to say the Water & Beach Club puts you in the center of the action, is an understatement:  The Water & Beach Club is the center of the action.


Come February, your bleary eyes have a hard time seeing beyond the frozen, mystery cocktail of sludge on the NYC streets, and it is hard to remember life without a puffy coat.  There is a bright light ahead, if you want it: a weekend in the sun, on the beach, with just your sunglasses, sandals, and iPod.  The San Juan Water & Beach Club will be the coolest part of your hot getaway.

A little tip: this recent Morgan Hotel addition is under the radar since undergoing remodeling to match the Morgan Group’s standard of ultra cool.  Now, it’s all suited up, ready to dance and looking for a partner in crime. As all tastemakers know, it’s better to discover than to follow the crowd.

– Ava Fedorov & Jeffery Owens

Photographs by Jeffery Owens and Ava Fedorov for Socially Superlative