Imagine a hotel situated on a subway hub with direct, express lines to JFK, SoHo, Central Park, the Lower East Side and even the Theatre District. It sounds fabulous logistically, but also nightmarish in ambiance. Imagine then, instead, if you could have a blissful bubble of an oasis that can hook you up to the city in any direction on any whim, but holds you above all the chaos in a blithe luxurious serenity, complete with poolside cabanas. Impossible, you scoff? Well, perhaps in New York. You can find it in Los Angeles, however, and it’s called the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel.

Situated on Sunset Boulevard, one of the most quintessential strips in all LA, and Highway 405, the Luxe Hotel looms tall and grand over the freeway—a hopeful beacon for first time visitors who drive their rental cars with trepidation on the undulating net of LA roads and traffic.

The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel takes the pain and shock out from behind the wheel of contending with getting around and replaces it with easy, relaxed bliss. As soon as you pull into its private road, you feel like you’ve escaped. Stepping into the Luxe is like stepping directly into a terrycloth robe, while still having all the modern details and first-rate technology at beck and call. This is a place where you can sink into your leisure LA style, or actually enjoy a business trip for a change.

Sunset Boulevard runs from the beach through the length of the city—passing through Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and beyond, making it the perfect starting point for any excursion, be it daytime joyrides or nighttime club crawls. In the heart of it all, the iconographic Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel tower rises. Though housing160 guestrooms, it retains the intimate feel of a boutique hotel. Capturing simple, cozy elegance, each room envelopes you in soothing soft tones before making you swoon with sweeping views of the surrounding Los Angeles area.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with the smiles of the helpful, attractive staff (this is LA, after all) and a complimentary glass of wine to enjoy at your leisure—we recommend taking it poolside, where the heat of the midday Southern California sun can’t take the fresh snap out of a chilled, local chardonnay. Stepping out of the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, feeling refreshed and pampered, you’ll be ready to explore LA on your terms—to drink it up like a complex cocktail, with a Zen-like countenance.

– Ava Fedorov & Jeffery Owens

For information and reservations call 1-800-468-3541 or visit the website at: