After a snow-induced break, I  felt to need to attend a fun and frivolous event:  Thursday, January 28th, 2011, I headed to Enter Pronoun Studio in Soho for the One Night Stand Gallery in honor of Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher’s latest movie, No Strings Attached.

For these who have never been to this 3000 sq feet venue, its just above the renown William Bennett Art Gallery, which ended up being as slight issue as both venues were hosting events and had to share a line – with no way for people to talk to any of the host and access a RSVP list until getting to the 2nd Floor, a separate entrance or access to the freight elevator would have simplified check-in for both hosts and guests.

GoodGirlPR and the lovely Sally Golan of Social Exposure Media drew a fun and interesting mix of a crowd open to mingle in sync with the questions brought up in the already successful movie “Can you have sex with out love getting in the way? Can your friendship survive?”. The stylish and artsy New Yorker in attendance had no trouble relating and followed the friendly debauchery theme.

To facilitate encounters and break the ice each attendee was given a number to display as a name tag and a message wall and messages could be written to your crush in a giant mural laid out in one corner of the gallery.

Each aspect of the evening contributed to the celebrations the film’s ideal  of no jealousy, no expectations and open minds so long as love is out of the picture. Sexy aphrodisiac inspired cocktails,  The One Night Stand, The Aphrodisiac and The Banana Hammock were all based on Figenza fig flavored vodka while sweet teethes were satisfied with cupcakes courtesy of Ilene Miriam Baked Goods.

The “fave sex position photo booth” thought by Liam Alexander and Jean Phillipe Boucicat was an essential aspect of the evening’s success successful aspect of the evening – people enjoyed swimming  in shredded newspaper much more than posing in front of the Step n’ Repeat.

Nickie Robinson of GoodGirlPR spinned some tunes as “DJ Nickiee” but either the crowd was very loud or the sound system kept to its minimum as I and the friends I had ran into and who left with me didn’t recall hearing any music.  The Babeland gift bags featured a tiny bottle of Figenza Vodka, a No Strings Attached T-shirt and Hair Milk samples by Carol’s Daughter.

Each aspect of the evening contributed to celebrate the film’s ideal  of no jealousy, no expectations and open minds while keeping Love away in the favor of friendship!

– Sabrina B.

Check out out gallery below, and even more event photos by Sunny Norton.

-Sabrina Bailly