Pigs really do fly… or at least they look like they do when they are spread out on a carving station. This past weekend’s Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival was a glutton’s dream and a drinker’s paradise.



The first booth to greet us had a number of familiar bourbon brands which burned a bit going down but helped us to kick-off the evening, such as: Basil Hayden’s, Baker’s, Knob Creek, and Booker’s. We then tried to sneak our way into the, already full, tasting theatre as a fellow festival go-er highly recommended a beer that tasted like chocolate but alas, we were left wondering just how much like chocolate beer can really taste.

After an hour or so of wetting our whistles, food was starting to become a priority. While waiting in line to take advantage of Lil Red Pig BBQ’s big roasted pig, we sunk our teeth into the most amazing horseradish spiced pickle on a stick from Horman’s Best Pickles.  For a moment we considered skipping the roasted pig all together in favor of bobbing for different flavored pickles, but that BBQ smell lured us in. By the time we had the plates of tasty pig in our hands, we overheard rumblings that the rest of the crowd raved about Kloby’s BBQ ribs. Sadly, Kolby’s ran out of their famous ribs but offered us their close number two, some amazing hushpuppies! Thankfully, Hill Country Brisket didn’t run out of their main dish before we had an opportunity to have one of their tasty treats in the form of an overflowing beef brisket sandwich.

As the night continued, we pursued our quest to buy the festivals signature Grand Poobah Viking helmet hat off of any stranger’s heads that would sell to us at below market price, but sadly could not find any willing participants.


By 9:30pm the evening began to come to a close and we agreed that our clear overall favorite was Cabin Fever Maple Whisky and the beers from Speakeasy Brewery. For those who looked to enjoy the party beyond the festival – I have no doubt that after smoking a Cortez Cigar; many festival go-ers continued celebrating into the wee hours of the morning at the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, who hosted the evening’s after party!

New Yorkers were lucky to get the first dose of the pig festival, but you can follow them to Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennesee through the spring and summer.

 – Ryan M.

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