If glitz and glamor had a name, it would most definitely be: Christian Siriano. You really have not seen anything like it, until you see a Siriano Creation.

On arrival, hundreds of cameras set up stock waiting for any celeb, socialite and of course, the show to start. All attendees received a booklet and a paper. The booklet lists each look, style, and color. The paper had a Quote from Christian Siriano and his clever partnership with Pay less.

The sheet also list new shoes and their titles: The Harness Booties, The Orchid Pump, The High Vamp Pump, The Cobra Bootie, The U-Bootie and The Tall-Shaft Armor Boot. These shoes will be readily available at a payless store near you, which will also include two handbags (The Christian Siriano for Payless Collection)

I, for one, will be looking forward to Christian’s Runway-to-reality collection at Payless. Talented designer + inexpensive shoes = a shoe maven’s dream.

Now, onto the show.

Black is back and it is here to stay, should be Fall’s new motto.

First half of the show, sheer, black and wool, like Eva Minge, dominated the most part, what stand out for me, was the concept of each look. It would go from sheer to romantic to loose trousers and then back again. The heels the models were sporting was also a killer.

Who doesn’t like studded heels?

The heels gave off a dominatrix type of vibe! High, studded, dangerous (literally!) and shiny black. If only i can walk in heels, I will pre-order them right away. The shoes will definitely be a best-seller.

Second half and last part of the show, was Jungle themed mixed in with everyone’s favorite dress. The red carpet ball gown dress that literally charmed our socks off. Before I get into the awe-inspiring and beautiful finale dress, there were several pieces I found interesting.

The shade green, which on the runway, was heavenly, but can the color (olive green, dark brown green & honey green) translate well off-the runway? This made me even more curious. We can all  agree that Christian has a great eye, especially when it comes to color and style. The romantic pink on the runway was beyond words! All the dresses, are realistically-wearable.

The finale dress was met by the “oohs and aahs” from the crowd, including yours truly. The finale dress always have to deliver, some do, some do not. The Christian Siriano dress not only deliver but will set a wave.  You may remember a similar dress like this from his S/S Collection, but they are different. He uses the color pink at the bottom of the the dress, in his signature ruffle style.

I wanted to become a princess. That dress is stunning in every word possible!

After the show, I went backstage to say my congratulations on another successful collection, which I’m sure will be hit among critics and fans alike.

It was packed with journalists, his celeb clients, fans, publicists and models. I was fascinated! After, the photographers made their rounds and took a thousands photos of Christian, I finally made my way and greeted him.

He was very sweet and humble by all the attention and appreciate those who attended and work hard on this collection. I told him I was so proud of him! 1.) he is from MD, I am from D.C. he is representing the DMV area and words could not have express how inspired I was!

– Christine Shepherd

Photo of Me and Christian Backstage after the show



[Runway images via NY Mag]