First Day and show of Fall 2011 NYFW started on a good note! Eva Minge staged her F/W 2011 collection at the Hudson Hotel, few blocks from the Lincoln Center where majority of the shows were shown.

After I was seated in the third row with fellow blogger and writer, Alina Foyer, I begin to take note on whom was here at the show. I was delighted to see the ever-sweet Kelly Rowland taking her place at the front. Minutes later, the show had begun.

First Half of the show started out with lace, lace and more lace. I was very intrigued with the shape and design in one particular look. The audience was very happy seeing that black, once again, is here to stay. You cannot deny a sexy piece of fabric. And lace is one of them:

Second half of the show reminded me of a Alaskan women who wanted to know her ‘dark, mysterious and sexy side.’ The wool boots combined with the Black wool/Velvet black made me grin! I could not help but stare at the two combos. Separately, it’s too safe but together, it is very interesting and makes for an eye-catching look. I wonder what women Eva was really thinking of, during this half.

Third part of the show was my favorite. I am in love with anything sparkly! From short to mid-length, one by one, each dress had its own ‘design.’ One sparkle dress resemble one after another, but each had their own spin and shine to it. The third half, which I liked to call the made for the ‘Red Carpet’ half had the most fun looks. One of my favorite look is below:

Eva also showcased trends (both new and old) such as the Military Jacket, Warm colors ( Honey gold, Velvet black) and Puffy Fluffy coats.

According to the press release, “The main trends during this coming fall season according to Eva are going to be: wool, warmth, and imagination.”

– Christine Shepherd

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