It’s Fashion Week time, and whether or not you go see any shows and presentations, you’ll probably be hearing all about them and how fabulous they are.  So you may as well head to Lincoln Center and check out the epicenter of fashion for yourself!


The second season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center and – well, it pretty much looks exactly like it did last season.  I’m still onboard that Lincoln Center is a way better venue than Bryant Park, but you’d think that given such a better space, they could do so much more with it.  The check-in process and the lines are way more managable in Lincoln Center, but Bryant Park was better about having different themes for each season.  Who doesn’t love theme parties?? 

For example, everyone remembers all the hundreds of Barbie dolls and glitter and pink for Barbie’s 50th anniversary that defined the tents that season.  They should probably do something to spruce up the drab grey walls and carpeting.  Add a little flair!  Not only is there not much to the decor, but even the sponsors were the same: Maybelline, Tresemme, Fiji Water, Coca-Cola, and StarbucksThese are great brands that are the supporting backbone of NYFW – but where are the innovative, trendy, and fun brands that used to make an appearance?  Like tech brands who would showcase their new products, as Palm phones did, or the Havaianas booth that made custom sandals?

Well, one cool thing that Fiji Water did was offer a fair and honest appraisal of your looks.  Mysterious masked writers wrote their opinion of you on a typewriter in poetic prose as you stand in front of them waiting to be judged.  Being Fashion Week, they most often commented on your attire, making hilarious generalizations.  They end by giving you a rating out of 10, but from what we could tell by snooping around looking at everyone’s cards, they were liberally giving out scores between 8.5-8.9.  I guess they didn’t want to be terribly mean and offensive.


Ok fine, so maybe I should be less judgmental because Lincoln Center is still buzzing with excitement and livelihood.  It’s still worth it to hang out and take in all the good vibrations of Fashion Week!