“Calling All Single Ladies!!” Two days before Valentine’s Day, I attended Diesel‘s Love Connection, a fun social experiment for all the singles out there in time for Valentine’s Day. I ask to participate because, I was simply, curious. This was my first time doing something like this! I was in for a surprise, I later find out.

I arrived at Diesel’s 5th avenue store, 30 minutes before my appointment at 3:30 p.m – they were running a few minutes behind schedule, so I had the opportunity to wait and check out the participants in front of me. I was the third participant in line after one female (who’s style I was drooling over!) and a male who’s award winning smile won the crowd over.

I was kind of nervous but excited at the same time. To kill time during the music breaks (when the participant had to think over whom they want as their “date”). I took photos of the scenery and ask a few questions. I wanted to know who were my ‘options.’ It was a surprise, of course! But, I had a fun time guessing and nosing around. I met a fellow worker who entertain me and a few other girls while we wait. The day has just begun and I was in for a ride.

After 45 minutes, it was my turn. Me, no longer nervous after getting warmed up and mingling. I sat on this big love couch in front of the ‘Diesel Love Connection’ sign. As soon as I sat down, a microphone was handed to me and also a camera-man. “Wow, this is the REAL DEAL! ” I thought.

Minutes and seconds went by, before it was time to began. The questions were fun and one of my favorite from the bunch was the following question: “My favorite actor/actress is____. Try do your best impression of them.”

I laughed. One of my ‘options’ actually did a spot-on impression of her.

(My Favorite Actress is Meryl Streep, by the way.)

Five questions later, I had to pick between the 3 guys. Never felt so pressured in my life! Well, just a little…

They put on the commercial music, so I can think it over. Who shall I pick? Hmm how about him? No, this one! Wait, not him, this one!? As I wondered out loud who was the “date” for me, I ask for help from one of the workers, who were all so sweet.

One said, Guy 1, the others all agree in union: Guy 2.

I thought, and thought some more. “Well, Guy 1 sounds fun but Guy 2 makes me laugh!”

I look to my side to see the worker next to me, she then proceeded to tell me that it’s time for me to make a choice!

“Who’d ya pick?”

I decided to pick Guy 1. His name is Bobby, he makes me laugh and seems nice. After they announced who I did not pick, each one of them came out and gave me a hug! I then found out, all three of the guys were life-long friends.

How sweet!

We then, posed for a few pics and chatted. Each participant and their ‘date’ received a gift bag. The guys get a watch and a massage oil, while the girls only get the massage oil (but what about the Ginger + Liz Colour & Tarte cosmetics?!?)

Finally, as the event was coming to a close, I exchanged numbers with Bobby, and discussed when should we go on the date.

A date is required for the participants. It will be sponsored by Diesel (a nice restaurant, of course) and an unexpired gift card will be issued.

Overall, the experience was fun. Not what I expected at first, but I had a good time! I am looking forward to my date with Guy 1 over the next weeks. Thanks, Diesel!

– Christine Shepherd


[Photos Credit: RNA Photo and Christine Shepherd]