A week of indie music and film put on by the Indiefest organizers was wrapped up with a roller disco costume party at the infamous CellSpace. The evening was a blur of short-shorts, pig tails, sequins, knee-high socks, head bands and afros as people tried to feel the funk while roller skating on a pop-up, makeshift rink, sipping cocktails and simultaneously dodging the high spirited and out of practice wobbly revelers.  Aside from everyone’s highlight of watching multi-skate pileups, we were treated to the “Thriller” zombie dance (on skates), a good old fashioned hokey pokey (put your left skate in, put your left skate out…), and a modern choreography of booty shaking disco led by a roller skating guru who could mix, sing and dance all while showing us amateurs what a true dancing queen looks like.

The raucous evening was made possible by the Black Rock Roller Disco crew who are well known for setting up a roller rink in the middle of the desert.  Accompanying the dancing wheels was a light show befitting any tried and true disco.  It was impossible to not get a wee bit dizzy as you wove your way around the dance rink while colors in hues from red to blue pulsed underneath the spinning lights.  Luckily for those less nimble skaters, when an impending catastrophe was imminent there always seemed to be a human roller disco train caboose passing by offering rescue.

As I returned my skates and sadly left the 70’s at the rink it was impossible not to feel charmed by the fun had by all and the lack of seriousness everyone felt.  There is something to be said for spinning around on and falling on your ass in one big sexy pileup (on skates).

— Jeffery Owens

Photographs by Jeffery Owens for Socially Superlative