We joined Urban Girl Squad for their latest cocktail party which doubled as a championship poker tournament!

Ok, more like Poker 101 for Dummies: held at the Empire Lounge in the Empire State Building, guests learned some insider tips and tricks from the pros from Caesars Palace.  Betting was all in good fun playing with chips not backed by currency, which is definitely a good thing when you lose all of your chips in the first six minutes of Black Jack. We found the best online slots listed and explained here, its been a lot of fun being able to play from home. Fancy a traditional bingo game or  casino online? You can join in with one of the 90 Ball Bingo or Casino Bonus rooms. Well, when you play for the first time, always look for Frank Casino Promo Code by that you don’t have to spend any budget coming from your pocket as the promo itself gives you a starting fund to play. You could also enjoy playing ทดลองเล่น SA
the best online casino in Thailand. There was one table of Texas Hold ‘Em where the dealer patiently explained all the rules: how to bet, what to ante, which hand is best.  Nearby was the Roulette wheel where people hovered over to watch the marble make the final stop.  On the other side of the room, the three tables of Black Jack were completely packed.  The dealers were pretty relentless in taking our chips, but every once in a while they’d throw us a bone and bust on purpose. What are you waiting for? click here to get started!

For a fun ice breaker game to get people to mix and mingle, everyone was given a single playing card and told to make a flush (5 cards of the same suit) by finding out what at cards other people have.  One you found people to complete the flush, all 5 people are able to sign up for a raffle prize, which was an overnight stay at Caesars Palace with a spa package!  Now that’s a prize worth going all in for.

Before I went to grab a cocktail for the night, I went straight to the tables.  In AC, Black Jack is my game – though I don’t know if I can really designate it “my game” if I always yslose.  Always.  Lose. The dealer gave everyone $100 in chips to start, and naturally I lost it all in about six rounds.

Dejected, I grabbed myself a drink (the Casino Royale, comprised of Sobieski Vodka, pineapple juice, and soda), but returned with full zeal.  I was given another $100, and soon enough I was up $6,000+!!  Yeah yeah, it’s fake money so nothing to write home about, but the dealer gave me a Caesars Palace hat as a table prize for being a high roller.

Lesson learned: Go big or go home.

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[Photos via Urban Girl Squad.]

About Urban Girl Squad

Amanda Hofman established Urban Girl Squad, a community-based social group for women in their 20s and 30s in New York City, in February 2008. Urban Girl Squad creates opportunities for these women to try new things, spend time with friends, and meet new people. Our events include food and wine tastings, beauty and fashion nights, dance and fitness classes, sports events, cocktail parties, volunteer events, a book club, and more.

We provide special, discounted access to the city — you’ll meet store owners and designers, taste gourmet food and drinks, receive personal attention from popular venues, and score some amazing gift bags. The welcoming atmosphere at our events makes it easy for members to attend on their own or with friends!