A short while ago, we introduced to you the 2011 BracketMaster Challenge, presented by Captain Morgan and Spike.com, and now we are going to introduce you to our BracketMaster pick:

Morganette Emily!


Full name: Emily Wells
Nicknames: Em
Region: East – Upper State NY
Height: 5′ 7″
Occupation: Model, Captain Morganette, Hostess
Position: MVP
Years Pro: 2 years

Word to describe yourself: Passionate
Best traits: My eyes, my sense of humor.
Passion for: Art, traveling, new places and people

Emily was born in Summit, NJ, went to the University of Connecticut, has her heart set on modeling in NYC, and proudly represents the East region.  She currently lives just an hour outside of the city in Upstate NY doing promos for Captain Morgan and working at The Arrowwood resort in Westchester County.  She is signed with modeling agencies both in and out of Manhattan, making her one hard-working and enthusiastic model!

We’re in love with Emily’s energy: She is calm and collected with a creative artistic side, but you know in an instant she’ll turn tough and feisty.  In addition to being smokin’ hot, she has an array of talents, including drawing, painting and writing, and she also loves to travel, meet new people, and play pool and poker.

In her own words:

“I got involved in the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge because I love doing promotions – my event manager thought I’d be a great candidate for it, submitted me for it, and I was chosen along with 31 other girls across the country. I really love everything about Captain Morgan promotions! I love going to different bars and events, seeing different places and people, making sure everyone is having a great time, wearing the sexy Captain Morgan outfit, and of course, promoting Captain Morgan! I think I’m a great candidate for The Ultimate Captain Morganette and if chosen I hope to see as many new people and places promoting Captain Morgan as possible!”

Love her as much as we do?  Head to bracketmaster.spike.com to fill out brackets daily!  Yes, that’s right, you should vote for Emily daily by picking her as the top choice of your completed bracket, and by texting ‘EMILY’ to 44686! Super simple instructions towards a chance to win up to $10,000.

That’s right – if your bracket matches closest, you get the chance to win big alongside your Morganette!  Now through April 4th, 2011, the 32 beautiful and sexy Morganettes from across the country representing the North, South, East and West will go head-to-head March Madness-style, vying to become the Ultimate Morganette.  As the competition narrows, fans will either see their picks advance or have their brackets busted – but the top BracketMaster will have a chance to win a stellar grand prize package!

Vote for Emily today!  On March 2nd, the 32 lovely ladies will be narrowed down to the Sweet 16, so let’s get Emily to the next round.

Got a question to ask Emily? Ask away!  Leave her a question as a comment below or email over a question, and she’ll answer them for our Q&A interview!  Head to bracketmaster.spike.com to find out more details about the 2011 BracketMaster Challenge and join in on the game.