We had a blast at this past weekend’s 4th Annual New York Wine Expo at the Javits Convention Center. Yes, it was a far trek to the west side on 12th Avenue, but that is the only venue ginormous enough to house such a vast array of wines from all over the world.  Worth.  It.

I wasn’t quite sure how this year was going to top previous years, but as always, it went beyond our expectations of great wines.   Over two days, Friday, February 25th and Saturday, February 26th, we indulged on all of our favorite wines imaginable.  Everyone at the expo had the opportunity to sample more than 600 wines from over 150 winemakers from around the globe, spanning from Europe with old world Italian, French, German Austrian, Spanish and Portuguese wines and traversing across the globe to the new world wines of South America, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and even some great locally grown vineyards right here in the US.

Gloria Maroti Frazee, who oversees Wine Spectator School and Leslie Sbrocco, award winning author, and Founder of “Thirsty Girl,” led the seminar for those guests who wanted to go beyond just tasting wines and really learn about the tricks of the wine trade.

In addition to hundreds of wine representatives, there were a few other miscellaneous stands that provided food and entertainment: foie gras and bacon sample, cheese and chocolate tastings, expensive olive oil dippings, the Haas Avocado van parked next to the glistening Acuras on display, and even a treadmill featuring some sort of game where you could put on some headgear and virtually run with the bulls of Pamplona!  After a few hours of wine tasting, that was certainly a challenge.

One of my favorite stands was by Treasures of the Vine. They take glass wine and liquor bottles, melt and flatten them out, creating beautiful pieces of art. Actually, they market them as cheeseboards, since they are ideal for cutting cheese on them, especially since each comes with a unique cheese knife beautifully packaged.  However, they cleverly attach a wire hook at the top, in case you decide to artfully hang them somewhere.  For $29.95, they would make great creative gifts – and yes, they do ship and take special orders!

Another successful year at the 4th Annual New York Wine Expo!