We’re just 1 day away from the first round of eliminations for the 2011 BracketMaster Challenge, presented by Captain Morgan and Spike.com!

We’ve already introduced you  to our Morganette pick, the vivacious Emily, so we’re getting you to step up your game and vote for her to be the Ultimate Morganette BracketMaster!

Remember: this is your shot at winning a grand prize that’s worth up to $10,000 for the person with the greatest number of correct picks.  Naturally, the winning bracket will have Emily as the winning Morganette.  Vote for Emily daily by picking her as the top choice of your completed bracket AND by texting ‘EMILY’ to 44686.


In addition to her BracketMaster intro video, we’ve asked Emily a few questions to get to know her a little better:

Do you play any sports yourself?
I am not very athletic. I mostly just go to the gym!

What are your other hobbies?
I’m an excellent artist with drawing and painting. I love traveling, and I love being outdoors.

If a was a movie made about you, what celebrity would you want to play you?
Probably Mia Wasikowska, who played Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

Would it be a chick flick, comedy, tragedy, or horror film?
Hopefully some kind of comedy-drama, like my real life!

Tell us a crazy story about something you’ve done recently.
My cousin/best friend and I used to ski together when we were younger (she was excellent, I was terrible), so she decided it would be fun to try snow tubing before the winter was over. Having never done it before, but knowing it required no real skills and little children did it all the time, we thought it sounded great. In reality? TERRIFYING.

You fly straight down rock-hard ice-covered slopes with absolutely no control or ability to brake, screaming and crying for your life. It took everything we had to go up the mountain again after the first time. The rope-tow handlers literally had to literally console us to go down the mountain again. After about three tries we booked out of there and went to out to dinner instead.

What are the top few things you want to do that are on your bucket list?
Publish a historical-based fiction book about a romance in the Edwardian era, be a successful model, go back to school for sociology, and travel everywhere.

What’s the worst pick-up line a guy has used on you?  Did it work?
A man once told me I had the longest eye-lashes he had ever seen. I told him he could too if he used my mascara! It actually did work, it got us talking.

What was the worst date you’ve had?
One time I was going out with a guy I liked and our mutual friend, another guy, met us at the bar we went to. When I was away from them for a few minutes, our mutual friend, who apparently wanted me at the time and was trying to get me away from my date, told the guy I was with that I ran off with members of the kitchen staff, just to make him mad and not want to be with me. My date believed our friend and wouldn’t speak to me! It took me FOREVER to convince him it was all made up!

Wow, what a douche!  Are you currently dating anyone?
No, I’m single.

Can we post your phone number and email address so guys can contact you?

… Just kidding.  

You said in your Morganette video that you wanted to take over the world.  When you do, what will be the first thing you do as Our Leader?
Make a day where we live with no electricity to conserve energy and reflect on simpler times.

Why should people vote for you to be the Ultimate Morganette BracketMaster?
Because I’m funny and genuine, and there isn’t another woman in the world quite like me.



There you have it!  This is why we love her, and why you should too.  Hurry and vote for Emily to advance to Round 2!



Full name: Emily Wells
Nicknames: Em
Region: East – Upper State NY
Height: 5′ 7″
Occupation: Model, Captain Morganette, Hostess
Position: MVP
Years Pro: 2 years

Word to describe yourself: Passionate
Best traits: My eyes, my sense of humor.
Passion for: Art, traveling, new places and people

Got more questions to ask Emily? Ask away!  Leave her a question as a comment below or email over a question, and we’ll get them answered for you!  Head to bracketmaster.spike.com to find out more details about the 2011 BracketMaster Challenge and join in on the game.

By the way, just this is roughly what your bracket should look like, with Emily’s gorgeous face front and center: