As if the fantastic weather over the weekend wasn’t enough of a reason to celebrate, Get Real NY’s Craft Beer & Food Festival put us in complete bliss mode.  All-you-can-eat-&-drink festivals and events are always so dangerous!  Dangerously awesome.

There were 80+ different craft beers on tap and the volunteers were all so helpful in describing the different types to us and doling out generous “samples” for us to try. Local breweries transported their watering holes temporarily to the Altman Building, including Brewery Ommegang, Flying Dog, Brooklyn Brewery, Captain Lawrence Brewing, and Sixpoint.

Additionally, there was great food to try: little did I know that it was Southern food/BBQ themed, and boy, was I floored!

First up for me to start was chili from South Houston, which opened up last year.  It was rich and delicious, and after peering at their menu, I’m dying to try their brunch.  Their regular lunch & dinner menu is also pretty fun, with a variety of dishes like crabcakes, pot pie, burgers, tacos, all with a Southern twist.



The festival took place both Saturday and Sunday with a few different vendors each day.  I missed a few that were only there on Saturday, like my beloved Luke’s Lobster, the new gastropub in Hell’s Kitchen Brickyard, Meze Grill, and Danny Macaroons (it was macaroon day, after all). 

However, they more than made up for it on Sunday with the abundant of other great vendors, like delicious spicy jambalaya from Delta Grill; three different types of sausage to dip in two types of mustard with tangy sauerkraut from Loreley ; pulled pork sliders and salsa verde chicken tacos from Mexicue; and even more meats and delicious BBQ from Brother Jimmy’s.


For those who wanted some education and culture, there was a live band playing upbeat music ranging from smooth jazz to salsa music, and downstairs there was a lounge set up for speakers doing a special discussion panel on pairings and tastings.


There was a lengthy lined for the oyster guy Blue Island Shellfish Farms for the Naked Cowboy Oysters. Naked Cowboy, as in THE Naked Cowboy that hangs out in Times Square naked all the time??  I guess they have some synergistic business relationship, or else I really have no idea what’s going on here.  Anyway, here’s our happy oyster shucker who was hard at work but still smiling and friendly!  And gave me some extra large oysters to boot.


Wined & Dined, the awesome geniuses who created the Ultimate Boozy Brunch Guide that is my weekend bible, worked with Get Real NY this year to add even more awesome drinks and food for this year’s successful festival.  Cheers!


Want even more?? You’re in luck, since Get Real NY is going to have a slew of other festivals coming up!  We took a snapshot of the list of upcoming events, including a Belgian Beer Festival and an All-American Beer Festival, so you better bookmark their page and keep up to date!