“This is what we play when we want to get paid,” was all the intro to “Hungry Like A Wolf” Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran needed before the crowd exploded into song right along with the band. It was a performance of epic proportions to accompany Paper Magazine’s 14th Annual Beautiful People Issue event taking place at Good Units on the lower level of the stylish Hudson Hotel of Morgans Hotel Group.

The decor was a mashup mixture of an 80’s Asian Tiki Bar, with locker pictures of old heartthrobs wallpapering the walls. The space was splashed with accents of red, partygoers included, with red satin pants, red jackets, and red Charlie Sheen-esque bowling shirts (#winning)! Paper Magazine did an impeccable job rounding up under the radar but well deserved talent for their most recent most recent issue, including coverboy and host Aziz Ansari.

There was a constant air of, “Who is that?” at the party because if you were not someone who was famous, you sure looked like you were. The Absolut Wild Tea Gimlets and White & Wild Boys cocktails were flowing in the upstairs VIP section as Micah Jesse and Adrienne Ballon air kissed, Cobra Starship answered questions for the media line and Duran Duran posed for pictures looking as if they never aged a day from when they graced MTV in the ‘80s.

People descended down the stairs to get closer for the performance aspect of the evening and Duran Duran hit the stage at precisely 10pm on the dot. (Gotta love rockstars that are on time!) It was a sea of dancing bodies, sequins, and sing-a-longs. Duran Duran showed the crowd just what some of the acts today are lacking and that’s a dynamic live stage show. The band sang some new songs mixed with old favorites like “Notorious,” and finished the set with, “Girls on Film.”

I know Paper threw another party for the issue on the West Coast the night before, but we had Duran Duran so we automatically had the best party of the two!

– Stephanie C.