The Good Life Event was a must attend event for anyone who really enjoys music. It was a mix of the past, the present, the stylish and the up and coming. A bit of background about the Good Life Event, it is a monthly event that will showcase music and brands. This inaugural event was sponsored by Deos earphone covers and Christian Audigier Vodka to name a few.

The launch featured Interscope’s hottest new artist Jared Evan, the unparalleled classic artist Slick Rick and up and coming opening act Jae Garcia. It was quite a mix of musicians. Slick Rick, is the one and only and goes without explanation. If I have to explain who he is please stop reading this RIGHT NOW! I haven’t seen him perform for some time now and it was a very “phoned-in” performance. I love music. It is one of the four things I ingest daily. (In case you’re curious the others are food, the web and air) After being a bit disappointed in Slick Rick’s performance I sipped on some Christian Audigier Vodka, which I believe was formerly Ed Hardy Vodka which people actively disliked so I’m guessing this re-brand is helping because it was actually very tasty and a bit sweet on the palate.

Jae Garcia was the next to perform and I was pleasantly surprised at his smooth vocals and acoustic guitar styling.The “headliner” of the evening was Interscope’s artist Jared Evan and I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised. I had the opportunity to meet him and interview him and he blew me away on a number of fronts. Firstly, ladies and gentleman this man is attractive. I mean he’s more than cute and he’s actually nice. I know the physical thing is superficial but I was unaware of his music and personality so that’a all I had to go on. Luckily, he is also humble and all about his music. When I asked him who his musical influences were he dropped names that included The Beatles, Wu-Tang Clan & Led Zeppelin. His take on music is it’s all about mixing it up and making something out of parts that may not seem to match. Jared Evan even mentioned how he would pick up a glockenspiel or beat box on a track and it somehow all works. You can check out the interview on YouTube and check him out at

This Good Life Event also included DJ set from DJ Zeke Thomas, who I learned is basketball legend Isaiah Thomas’ son, ad  DJ Truth. I am looking forward to this monthly event continuing as this event is for those looking to do it all: drink, dance, mingle, and most importantly GIVE back in style! Portions of proceeds benefited the Fresh Air Fund, a non-profit organization started in 1877 to provide free summer vacations to over 1.7 million NY children in low-income neighborhoods.

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– Melissa