Wait, did you see that? If not you may have just passed up one of East Williamsburg’s hippest neighborhood bars, Kings County.  If you don’t know about this bar or have never visited before you may miss this hidden treasure!   Tucked away behind a door of artfully rusted metal, Kings County is a place where all the local artists and hipsters can come to relax and enjoy a great happy hour along with a variety of selection in Bourbon and Whiskeys.

Lights dim and candles lit through out the bar, Jesse Levitt, who has owned Kings County for the past three years, has created a relaxed and chilled ambiance, making it feel like a real neighborhood bar where you can hang out with friends or stop by for a quick drink.

Courtesy of Jesse, here are Kings County Bar and Minor Arcana owner, Jesse Levitt and manager, Aimee Arciuolo, ready to greet friends at the bar.

Happy hours are everyday from 4pm to 8pm and late nights starting at midnight, including $5 well drinks and $4 for a beer and a shot.  Can’t beat that!  Along with the great drink specials, Kings County also exhibits the talents of local artists within the neighborhood, with specialized ink artwork displayed throughout the bar, in which patrons can buy.

Also if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by every 1st Saturday of the month to be treated to a fun Burlesque show!

– Tranika

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King’s County Bar
286 Seigel Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206