Just at it has been done since the early 1900s, revelers promenaded up and down along 5th Avenue between 49th – 57th Streets this Sunday to get a glimpse of the craziest Easter bonnets this side of the Mason-Dixon line.  With the streets closed to vehicular traffic, there were hundreds of people wandering about taking photos and enjoying the long-overdue spring sunshine.

Some of the ‘headgear’ resembled that of a wild garden growing out of the person’s head, while others donned a hat more fitting for a Jimmy Buffet tailgate.  A few regal ladies helped offset the silliness with their classy millenery, some of which were custom made specifically for the occasion.

Dogs are welcome at the ‘parade’, however one festive participant brought her bunny rabbit and showed off their matching hats.  Is it just me, or does this Easter Bunny not look enthused?