This past Tuesday the celebrated ’21 Club’ in midtown welcomed Maria Bartiromo, anchor of the nationally syndicated “Wall Street Journal Report” and CNBC’s “Closing Bell”, for their monthly breakfast series.  With a room full of esteemed guests representing a literal who’s who of respected companies, Ms. Bartiromo spoke seemingly effortlessly for nearly an hour (with no script!) on all things related to the world marketplace.

Having just returned from a trip to Brazil, she shared many thoughts about the state of their economy, and how (like the United States) their imports and exports will dramatically evolve.  Among other notable talking points, the statistic that 52% of the world’s population is under the age of 30 seemed to have everyone intrigued.  With such a youthful world demographic, it is not surprising that the number of cell phone users is now a staggering 4.5 billion.

One topic that seems to be on every tongue these days is innovation, and that was also discussed at length.  It seems that China and Russia are both blazing a trail in their efforts to dominate the global economy.  China has traditionally been an exporter for so long, but they are quickly becoming importers due to hot products such as the iPad and other new technology that the younger public demands.  In the same sense, Russia is trying to build its own Silicon Valley and lure the best talent from around the globe.

Whether your job revolves around economics or not, it was a captivating presentation with the veritable “Money Honey.”  We can’t wait to see what next month brings at ‘21’!

Cheers, JetSetLeslie

Photo by Getty Images