The New Taste of the Upper West Side this past weekend was another dazzling success!  The weekend kicked off on Friday night with Comfort Classics, with the top food and drink vendors serving up their favorite classic dishes.  But by the end of the night, we were not comfortable with the way our pants were cinching out waistlines.

The evening was hosted by Adam Richman of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food who enthusiastically introduced himself to the crowd.  Also hosting was Dylan Lauren, founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar – naturally, there was a table of assorted candies and desserts provided by the Upper East Side store, which made the special trip crosstown just for the event.



What’s more comforting then sweet, sweet desserts?  The Food Network station was serving up some of Grandma’s chocolate pudding – certainly not your ordinary Jell-o pudding cup!  Ed’s Chowder House also served some chocolate pudding with hints of bourbon and cinnamon that was a little bit thicker and richer. 



e.e. cookies (is this a take on the poet E. E. Cummings?) had a variety of cookies.  Unoriginal, anyone can make cookies, you may think.  But these little bite-size morsels were just the right chewy-to-crispy ratio, and you definitely couldn’t eat just one.



Compass gave a sophisticated version of a camper’s classic: chocolate s’mores made with homemade fluffly marshmallows.



The hearty meatballs from Henry’s were great, and the shepard’s pie took a twist as croquettes from Columbus TavernVirgil’s BBQ served up huge meaty ribs that everyone was savagely noshing on.



What’s more comforting than a nogstalic reminder of our childhood with a glass of delicious chocolate milk?  The adult version, with alcohol!  Adult Chocolate Milk brings us exactly what it says it does, adding a little oomph to a tasty and dense chocolate milk.  Make your own fancy milkshake cocktail by throwing it in a blender with ice (or better yet, ice cream!) and maybe pair with some Godiva liqueur or Starbucks coffee liqueur or Bailey’s… ooooh, the possibilities are endless.



These were just a few of the highlights of the evening – check out even more in our gallery below or check out the complete list of participants that you missed out on.