Every year the Macao Trading Co. invites the press and their staff to attend their annual Drunken Dragon Festival, where the restaurant and bar is revamped and guests arrive dolled up in 1940’s Chinese/Portuguese colonial attire.  This year Socially Superlative was invited to partake in the festivities and watch some great live entertainment.



As guests arrived they were treated to complimentary cocktails and champagne, which were served at both bars located on the main floor and downstairs of the venue, as well as snack on tasty hors d’oeuvres that were being served by waitresses all dressed up for the occasion. 



As the night progressed guest gathered on the main floor to watch the entertainment began which started with an Asian inspired traditional dance, followed by a belly dancer who was accompanied by a bright yellow boa constrictor! 


Another highlight of the night was the dragon dance which was several feet long entering the room and dancing among the crowd while drummers beat on bongos for a dramatic effect.  The performances ended with an exciting bang as confetti and glitter streamed from the ceiling.  A perfect way to end the night!

If you’re ever in the Tribeca area stop by Macao Trading Co. for their Asian and European innovative cuisine or stop by if you’re in the neighborhood for a quick drink at the bar!



Macao Trading Co.
311 Church St.
New York, NY 10013-2491
(212) 431-8642

Photos by Luis Munroe.  For even more fab photos, check out the Macao Trading Co’s Facebook album!