We celebrated the opening of the Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club yesterday, June 7th, 2011, down by the South Street Seaport!

Beekman BGBC took over the old Water Taxi Beach space (RIP) and transformed it into a beachy beer garden-esque summer patio.



Though I thought I was fashionably late, but even 30 minutes after the start they were still holding up the line awaiting more arrivals.  Being one of the first people into a venue is not “cool,” but it does give you an advantage at the bar and calling dibs on cocktails.

The massive tent where the bar and the kitchen is housed provides a large shaded area from the heat.  The space is large, but trust us when we say that it will be the summer bar, so you gotta camp out early to stake your spot. 



There are no bikini-clad girls playing beach volleyball (yet), but there are tables for pool, ping pong and foosball.  The kitchen serves up reasonably priced bar foods including burgers, sausages, quesadillas, and even seafood. 

The VIP section is the further area out from the pier, giving you a perfect view of the Brooklyn Bridge.  The plastic lounge chairs look rather uncomfortable, but the awesomeness of them lighting up at night makes up for it.



Music was brought to us by DJ Reach who kicked off the night with some great beats until Lance Bass, Nicky Hilton, Joe Francis, Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Kenny Santucci (yeah, I had to Google him, too) arrived.



Check out this new spot before you get left out in the heat.  They are hosting a Full Moon Party on Thursday, June 9th, so get all of your friends out to the first summer party of the season.



Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club
89 South Street (at Beekman Street)
North Side of Pier 17
South Street Seaport